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List - A list of increasing importance

Unix - The philosophy of modular programs

vi key bindings - Comfortable computing

Artificial Life - Life in silico

100 Rabbits - Low-tech maritime artist collective

Antifragility - Strength from setbacks

Lauryn Hill’s MTV Unplugged - The unknown Queen of Hip-Hop

George Watsky’s Live! From the Metro - The concert which made me love live music

Bret Victor - Redefining computing

Julia Evans - If you haven’t heard of her, you should

Justine Tunney - One hell of a programmer

suckless - Simple, frugal, clear software

LOW←TECH MAGAZINE - Forgotten tech creating a sustainable future

Clockwork - Beautiful handheld computing

Teenage Engineering - Stunning hardware design - Community on a linux server

Arch Linux - which I use, btw

UNSONG - United Nations Subcommittee On Names Of God

The Way of Zen - Liberation on paper

Secrets of Our Success - The beauty of cultural evolution

Reverse Graffiti - Art from removing scum